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UK Contributions to KI Nephrology Forum

July 1978 – December 2005

Kidney International (KI)  was the premier nephrology journal in the world from its first appearance in 1970 , at least until JASN  ( Journal of the American Society of Nephrology) started publication in 1990, and began to match KI’s high impact.

Nephrology Forum was first published in KI  in 1978 and became a high profile regular feature of the journal.

The scheme for Nephrology Forum was based on the concept of ‘grand rounds’ in which  discussion of a clinical case was the  basis for an expert review of the impact of current research perspectives on the clinical problem. The Forum was presented to a live audience and the published article included a transcript of the discussion which followed the presentation.

Nephrology Forum was developed and edited by nephrologists from Boston (Jerome Kassirer, John Harrington)   and Chicago (Jordan Cohen). Kassirer stood down when he became Editor in Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, and was replaced by Nicholas Madias (also of Boston).  In this era the Editor in Chief of KI always came from the United States. Thus it is not unexpected that the range of invited  discussants had a significant North American predominance (78%), 17% came from Europe, and  only 5% from the rest of the world. The preponderance of US discussants is also partly explained by the need to contain the cost of organising the necessary live presentations and discussions.

Nevertheless the UK ‘punched above its weight’ in Nephrology Forum, contributing 15 of the 59 invited from Europe.

They were:

1979 Stewart Cameron Guy’s Pathogenesis and treatment of membranous nephropathy
1979 Martin Lockwood Hammersmith Lymphoma, cryoglobulinemia and renal disease
1981 Hugh de Wardener Charing Cross Idiopathic edema role of diuretic abuse
1987 Christopher Redman Oxford Hypertension in pregnancy
1987 JIS Robertson Glasgow Salt, volume and hypertension
1990 David Taube St Mary’s Immunoadsorption in the sensitized transplant recipient
1993 Peter Ratcliffe  Oxford Molecular biology of erythropoeitin
1995 Christopher Winearls Oxford Acute myeloma kidney
1997 Michael Watson Edinburgh Complications of polycystic kidney disease
2001 John Savill Edinburgh Apoptosis in post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis
2001 Caroline Savage Birmingham ANCA-associated renal vasculitis
2002 Peter Maxwell Belfast Novel erythropoiesis-stimulating protein in the management of
2003 Charles Pusey Hammersmith Anti-glomerular basement membrane disease
2005 John Feehally Leicester Ethnicity and renal disease
2005 Meguid El-Nahas Sheffield The global challenge of chronic kidney disease




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