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 Professional Groups in UK Nephrology

As happens in all medical specialties, professionals working in the field began to organise themselves into representative groups as soon as the speciality began to emerge into both clinical and research activity.

New organisations continued to emerge as individual professional groups grew, but felt their professional voice and development needs were not ideally met in existing organisations.

This led to a plethora of organisations of varying size which sometimes made it less easy to articulate a coherent professional voice. Happily this changed in 2021 when after careful and open discussion many of  the existing groups coalesced into a single UK Kidney Association.

Here is the timeline of the appearance of  the many groups large and small which have emerged over the years, and usually persisted, representing different professional groups.

1950-2021 Renal Association
1971 British Transplantation Society
1973 British Association for Paediatric Nephrology
1975 The Association of Renal Technologists
1970 Renal Nutrition Group
1982 Renal Pharmacy Group
1983-1988 British Renal Computing Group
1987 Nephrology Senior Registrar Club (later SpR Club)
19xx District General Hospital Nephrologists
1989 -2021 British Renal Society
2018 Association of Nephrology Nurses UK
2021 UK Kidney Association




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