Robin Eady

Robin Eady

Robin Eady (1940-2017)

 Robin Eady developed renal failure when he was a medical student in London and started regular haemodialysis in 1963 in Seattle, USA – the first place in the world where chronic dialysis became available.  Returning to the UK (via Edmonton, Canada) in 1964 he was one of the so-called ‘lucky thirteen’ who were selected for treatment when the chronic dialysis programme was started by Stanley Shaldon at the Royal Free Hospital. He continued on dialysis, mostly at home, for 24 years until he had a successful transplant. He qualified in medicine, and dialysed all over the world pursuing his work as an academic dermatologist; he was a world authority on epidermolysis bullosa. At the time of his death in 2017 he was the world’s longest surviving individual on renal replacement therapy, which he received for 53 years (more).

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Watch a presentation  filmed in 2007 about the first fifty years or haemodialysis in the UK – Robin Eady with Stewart Cameron (nephrologist) and Nick Hoenich (dialysis scientist) .

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