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Association of Renal Technologists

The Association is the professional body representing all aspects of Renal Technology and supports all Renal Technologists who work either within the NHS or the Private sector. The Association was formed in 1975, 27 years after the founding of the NHS. This was at the request of the Department of Health, following a couple of seminars that they had organised. The original intention was to promote and share experiences and ideas that were common to renal technicians who were working in dialysis and other aspects of renal medicine.

ART have never lost site of the original ethos, that of being a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas, which are available to all. As with many other areas of medical devices technology ART has seen huge leaps forward in all aspects of technology related to renal therapies and as such the renal technologist workforce has adapted and kept pace with continually developing and acquiring not only new technical knowledge and skills but also our knowledge of all aspects of renal therapies and services.


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